Program and Policy Evaluations

Evaluation and assessment are important components to assure that programs and policies are meeting their intended objectives.  SRG works with many state and local agencies to identify emerging challenges and barriers to program success by conducting process evaluations and assessing the extent to which the program or policy is having the desired impact on the targeted population by conducting outcome evaluations. These evaluations, particularly when conducted simultaneously, provide a comprehensive picture of a program’s effectiveness. Additionally, SRG often uses case studies to identify "best practices" so that other similar programs can institute successful strategies.

Because each evaluation must be tailored to fit the specifics of the program or policy, SRG employs expert researchers in the different types of methodologies required to conduct evaluations. Many evaluations require multiple modes of data collection; these may include both quantitative techniques such as web, mail, and telephone surveys, and qualitative techniques such as observations, focus groups, and interviews. Utilizing our vast experience in evaluation research, SRG can design an evaluation that meets the needs of any program.

SRG can evaluate all types of programs such as educational, social service, health, economic, and professional development programs, including those funded through federal and state grants. SRG has also worked with state agencies to assist sub-grantees implement internal evaluations on a local level by providing technical assistance, evaluation conferences, and evaluation workshops.

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