What Does “MOBIS” Mean?
Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS) is a Federal Supply Schedule offered to Federal agencies for expedited procurement of management and research services. MOBIS can provide Federal agencies with tremendous savings in procurement time and expense.

SRG is a certified MOBIS contractor. Contractors need to undergo extensive screening by the General Services Administration before they can qualify for a position in MOBIS. Contractors who are placed on the MOBIS schedule have shown a thorough knowledge of their area of expertise, and have demonstrated that they are capable of providing expert assistance to Federal activities.

SRG offers services under three Special Item Numbers (SINs):

874-1 Consulting Services

Services include providing expert advice, assistance, and recommendations on agencies improvement efforts. This may include research studies, analyses and reports documenting any proposed developmental, consultative or implementation efforts.

874-2 Facilitation Services

Services include facilitation of collaboration efforts. Agencies bringing together diverse teams and/or groups may require a neutral party to assist them in problem solving, defining and refining the agenda, resolving disputes or divergent views, convening and leading group briefings and discussions, focusing decision-making and preparing reports for dissemination.

874-3 Survey Services

Services include survey sampling design, survey questionnaire development, pretest/pilot surveying, defining and refining the agenda, survey database administration, assessing reliability and validity of data, determining proper survey data collection methodology, administering surveys using multiple methods, and analyses of quantitative and qualitative data. Research reports include summary of results with graphs, charts, and tables; description of methodology; discussion of sample characteristics; analysis of non-response bias; and discussion of recommendations and potential follow-up actions.

Contract Information

How to use MOBIS
1. Contact SRG to discuss project requirements.
2. Send Scope of Work (SOW) to your Contracting Office.
3. Contracting office issues RFP; SRG responds.
4. Agency issues purchase order and work begins immediately.