AskOhio is an omnibus telephone survey of Ohio adults aimed at measuring Ohioans’ attitudes on important issues affecting the state. Conducted twice a year, AskOhio consists of customized questions that include client-provided questions, "hot topic" issues (issues that are of current interest to the state), and a core set of demographic, economic, social, and political benchmarks.

AskOhio's customizable questionnaire continually provides critical insight into political, social, and economic issues impacting Ohio residents. Using rigorous scientific methodology, the resulting AskOhio data informs organizations, government agencies, researchers, and key stakeholders about relevant and timely topics, events, and trends of interest.

One of the key features of AskOhio is that organizations can submit questions to be considered for inclusion on a survey wave (800 completed interviews). Building on its expertise in developing and conducting public opinion surveys, Strategic Research Group collaborates with clients to include additional, customized, AskOhio questions tailored to client needs and specifications. The omnibus survey provides clients with rigorously collected data and research that they can use to compare trends, incorporate into research and reporting, and inform decision-making for a fraction of the cost of conducting a full survey of the state.

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